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Okay Heads Up!: It Has Been Brought To My Attention That Many Advertising Agencies Have NO CLUE How To Write Sales Copy For The Web! It Makes All The Difference Between Getting Sales and Not Getting Sales - and THAT Should Be Your #1 Goal!

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Why Would Anyone Want To Encourage This Absurd Behavior? Anyone Who Is Serious About Building Their Business Would Not Tolerate This B.S.
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SEO sales copy is just the beginning

Ted Cantu here once again,

I answer to many things -- Marketing master, SEO genius, copywriter, sales copy expert, street poet, guru, marketing expert, pop culture expert, sales pro, crackerjack... and I even answer to "Ace" on occasion. And thats OK, you can call me what you like....
I have no preference - it doesn't matter....


  • RESULTS in the work that I do for you.....

  • RESULTS in my writing and the EFFECT that it brings to your business world

  • Pride in my sales craft and powerful communication skills....

  • Pride in the new avenues of business we co-create together....

    That means I make sure that you get over the top - BRILLIANT results in
    everything I create for you and your company.

In fact, I base everything on my results.

I do get told this all the time ...

"... Working With Ted Is Amazing, He Is Always
One Step Ahead of Everyone Else..."

So I must be on the right trail....
I really think it has a lot to do with having the right fundamentals....

You see, I started 20 years ago in the world of marketing. Unlike many of these so called "social media experts" I actually grew up in real boardrooms in advertising. I actually studied for my craft at Eastern Michigan University. I was there in the very beginning putting presentations together on floppy disc. From there I became an art director in the field of advertising in Chicago.

Once I arrived I worked on everything from Citibank, Coca Cola, Capital Records, Unilever, and many more... I got to see interactive media through five generations of development from floppy discs, CD-Roms, presentations, pre-dot com web, dot com and the post dot com movement.

In the late 1990s I was creeped out first hand by unscrupulous art directors, creative directors and micro management who would literally burn clients left, right and center. I saw this happen in Chicago and later in New York City and lost my taste for the culture of "big time" advertersers in the dot com arena. I moved back to Metro Detroit and thats when things got interesting.

I decided to do something with my talents and start saving Metro Detroit Businesses. I was creating some incredible results for service based industries including roofing companies, fence companies, cosmetic denstists, beauty suppliers, doctors, and much more. I realized how much small business needed my services.... and I was getting great results by placing these companies on the first page of Google in multiple spots.... I created a new way to get a company promoted that I called -- full page domination.

While I worked hard newspapers continued to fail like the Ann Arbor News and the Eccentric papers. Jobs dwindled and businesses were folding. I found in myself in the position of making Detroit businesses prominent on the web. I started to promote retail, restaurants, and specialty businesses on Google, Yahoo and Bing. I started to break my own record by putting businesses on page 1 of Yahoo in 6 days, beating out 30 million competing businesses.

Then came the best part. I helped pull in 4.3 million dollars of sales for my partners 2009. Now, I am looking to do that for my new partners and I am searching for new businesses to promote on a State wide and National scale. I have created 80,000 quality links on PR7, PR8 sites single handed without the use of special software and these companies have held their positions for three years.

"... Do You Think A Social Media Expert or a Newbie Hack Could Deliver These Results?..."

  • 87% conversion from a direct response sales letter

  • A constant 5.7% conversion to sales from a single web page

  • Increase the visibility from zero to 1600% on the web - capturing the market

  • Online videos that have created 14,000 viewers in days

  • Headlines that completely changed the course of confused businesses
  • Fixed the core marketing problems that plagued troubled service companies
  • Developed new profit centers for failing retail stores
  • Created instant cash resources for "Dreaming" corporate presidents
  • Do you know you will need at least 300 new online visitors to get to that first sale? You will
    need a system to drive people into your websites, (yes I said websites) to build a brand. You need a strategy. And we got it.

    Check Out What $375.00 Can Do
    For Your Visibility!

    Take Us To The Test! We'll WOW You With Real First Place Results - EVERYTIME!

    CALL NOW TO GET ON PAGE #1 !! 1.248.631.9211

"I create online selling environments using Web 2.0 services like YouTube.Com, Twitter, Facebook and more and combine them with devastating web sales copy that makes your competition tremble in the knees and bring you waves of swooning fans.

And we add in dynamic PR - the results are fantastic.
Its dead simple."

"At The End Of The Day - Its Your Business - You Can Either Run It Like An Expensive Hobby - Or You Can Grab Some Serious Market Share - Its Totally Your Choice -- The Only Thing Stopping You.... is YOU"

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