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Whats The Story Behind SEO?

"Will Your Web Site Get Into
The Google Top Ten?"

Internet Marketing Has Been
Made Easy - And Here's Why
You Should Care...

How'd you like to wake up tomorrow and
say "I've got it" when it comes to making money online?

"New Development Strategies
Dramatically Boost Web Sites Into High Google Search Engine Rankings"

"Three Deadly Mistakes 93% of Website
Owners Are Making."

Avoid These and Other Mistakes and Have A Website That Attracts Business

Mistake 1 - Using a web designer who doesn’t understand Google’s ranking system, (Google just recently changed their ranking algorithm last summer) or how to create relevant Meta Data for your pages.

Mistake 2
- Cluttering your home page with Flash or other animation. People come to your website for information to help them make informed choices. In most cases, they don’t come to be entertained.

Mistake 3 - Not utilizing the top tools in the online industry to help you gain your fair share of customers, (these include RSS, Blogging, Podcasting and more).

SEO Top Google Rankings in Michigan
Real proof that our sites outrank our competitors. We not only build sites that rank well but teach our clients THE UNFAIR ADVANTAGE and beat out all competitors in their markets!
Find out how real SEO in Michigan should work..


Rebel Marketing: simply means that you can now avoid broadcasting fees - market - DIRECT TO CUSTOMER.
* Reach your customers directly
* Zero broadcasting fees
* No contracts
* Create your own infomercials


Ted Cantu explains the concept of, "Rebel Marketing" to Ike Engelbaum
on the Entrepreneur Radio Show.

Whats The Fuss About IPODS and Web Video and How
Can This Build My Michigan Business?

If you’re willing to sacrifice your health and personal life for that Bermuda Vacation, Rolex and that whiz bang mansion – then STOP reading!.... Toss this into the trash and go back to work immediately – THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. If creating a cash flow of $23,507.00 with little overhead sounds good to you and spending more quality time with your friends and family, hobbies, sports or just enjoying doing the things that you do – then by all means continue reading because you are not alone!

”For Real Estate, Mortgage, and Legal Professionals Who Love Their Practice, Love Their Life, And Would Be Thrilled To Death To Earn $25,000 Extra – Every Month – By Automating Their Marketing On The Web….”

Without Shelling Out A Fortune For
Val Pac, Newspaper, Radio, Television or Hiring Additional Staff!”

”Some of Michigan’s Best Real Estate, Mortage and
Legal Have Been Ignored Online And Just Need A Little Help”

Dear Michigan Business Owner…..

If you despise the thought of dumping in a heap of money hiring and firing staff, and advertising through outrageous advertising fees and costly television spots for new business and only need $5,000 - $15,000 extra more per month to make you happy and keep things floating… without all the headaches of new additions and overhead then this is going to work out for you.Skeptical?

You should be. With all the Michigan SEO scams going on throughout the state and Mickey Mouse tech companies promising you high rankings on Yahoo and Google, (with only a 35% relevancy result). You have every right to be very cautious.

But consider for a moment the high cost of commercial broadcast advertising. If you want to feature your product or service on late night television it costs 15k just to get started. After you cut a demo of what your product can do you will have to shell out an additional 115k just to get your infomercial pilot off the ground and into syndication……

You can do the same type of syndication with your online IPOD ready video. For pennies on the dollar you can have your own informercial quality videos created and syndicated through our SEO IPOD network. Now Michigan businesses are at a significant advantage.

But that’s not the most SHOCKING part --- You see, roughly 80% of these infomercials flop on the airwaves and fail to pull any sort of profit. All this money you invest in getting results like this
is not effective.

  • Most companies DON’T WANT a huge practice with staff, and overhead
  • Most companies DON’T WANT to spend 40 Thousand on Radio spot contracts
  • Most companies DON’T WANT to spend $125,000 on Informercials on TV

I was just going through the papers recently and found out some rather shocking news in the industry of Michigan Marketing. I have some bad news and some very very good news. But first let’s kick off with the bad news……

Advertising companies are letting their talent go left, right and center due to recent changes in the Detroit Auto Industry. This means there are a lot of independent loose cannons out there who are now going after the corporate dollar – many claiming to be industry marketing “experts”.

Even the “University of Michigan” is getting into the “Act” – claiming to be web experts and coaching businesses on where to spend their money – this is a big big cause for alarm.

This means that your guard should be up – NOW – more than ever before.

How To Tell When Your Web
Site Needs A Tune-Up

If you want the answers to how to get an unlimited number of impressions to your web site -- read on!

Effortless customer attraction can be yours with
these very simple to use tools -- that recruit - while you sleep….

I am an Ex-Art Director from the inside track of Advertising, (AKA - Take The Money and Run....). Medium sized projects have the tendency to lose momentum once the budget shorts out and media buying, (ad placements, radio and tv spots) …are ineffective ways to spend your marketing buck.

After seeing so many companies get trampled on I decided to stop the bleeding for the small business owner and create something substantial.

This system can get results when you want. It doesn't demand a salary, never
gets tired, never complains.

We’ve Reversed The Entire Business
Model of Broadcasting
-- And Changed The Odds of How You Benefit

Don’t let the broadcasting companies slap a 50 Thousand dollar contract on you in the “Closing Room” and giving you three months of non-effective media spots. Instead of letting the media companies steamroll over your budget and business do something smart and effective…..

OUR CLIENTS… come and search us out on the web.
OUR MESSAGES… go out and fish out new customers for us while
we are out of the office
OUR MEDIA… helps us leverage our time…….

Cantu and Co. have grown exponentially from specially designed CANNED WEBINARS that require no monthly hosting fees….

  • They never call in sick or need a day off
  • They don’t cost us every month
  • There are no contracts to worry about


    We’ve Microsized The Entire Television
    Production Process

    A typical media runs its promotions for… 
    $1200 a day, $1000 bucks a production minute
    and $1200 a day in post production, (titles
    and special effects).

    A 20 minute clip can run 65k… easily. Then you have to buy air time just to run it and hopefully someone will pick up the phone and BE QUALIFIED to buy your services!
    This is a HUGE RISK.

    We’ve eliminated this risk completely with our methodology.

    Now your media goes out and is PRE-TAGGED. Simply said, it is uploaded onto the servers that be and draws in your ideal customer – LIKE A MAGNET… When we do our comprehensive keyword search for your industry we find out what people are searching for the most……

    Based on that search we put the keywords that customers are SEARCHING FOR into your media tags. From there the media does ALL OF THE HEAVY LIFTING!


Ideal home buyers for Royal Oak
Looking to spend $250,000
Must be located near private schools
20 Minute commute from 49387 zip code etc.

From there your customer gets notified in a number of ways…..

1. News pages, (My Yahoo, My MSN, My AOL. Etc.)
2. Handheld media, (Blackjacks, pocket PC etc.)

Your marketing message is also inserted into video streams
such as Google video and This is an amazing way to build up your impressions fast through your web site and reach a lot of people quickly.

How many people would you like to impress? 5,000?
10.000? 150,000?


If you're not totally convinced yet I'll refund 110% of your money for up to 1 Solid Year. That's right, if I cannot deliver you results beyond your expectations I do not want to keep a cent of your money. In fact, we'll refund it back to you - PLUS an extra 10%!

For a limited time only, if you buy now I will include 3 WHOLE MONTHS  of free e-mail support. And we will also throw in 30 minutes a week of coaching to fine tune your marketing message.

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