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“Michigan SEO – Does The Market
Have Patience For PPC?
By Ted Cantu - SEO/Online Marketing Champ

Cantu - Undisputed SEO King - Author of Web Marketing Courses
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Think you know everything about the web? You got a company that shoves money into a sink hole every month and you try not to think about it. Meanwhile, you are missing out on getting an abundant over flow of customers every week.

Sadly, this is what many companies choose to do rather than learn the facts. PPC can be a monumental waste of time and burn a big hole through your budget. It’s a fast track way to blow out your company savings.

Get the facts with Ted Cantu and I-Mobile Media


You’re literally flushing your money down the toilet with PPC campaigns. Why not take a wheel barrel full of your hard earned money out in the middle of the street and set the whole thing on fire. Seriously, because that is what you are doing with your budget.

Now, maybe its not YOUR company and you’re the middle man making sure that money gets spent in the right places. In either case you are not doing yourself any great service by wasting hordes of cash down the drain.

We’re not joking when we say we are getting 8 out of 10 – TOP TEN Internet searches on the web in our categories. The results are incredible. And we are doing this without the aid of any PPC, zero sponsored links or paid submission programs…. This means we are able to get our pages indexed FREE OF CHARGE. There are no recurring fees every month to keep this going.


How Can SEO Help Your Failing Web Site?
In this sluggish economy you got to wonder what recession we are in. Michigan has been in a continuous slump for years. It’s too easy to put this blame on one person’s shoulders. You can’t fault a certain industry or a certain business when there are so many contributing factors to this total collapse.

But there is something you can do for yourself that other businesses in other cities have figured out. They are using the web to create their online fortunes. They have built their companies out of ideas and have built up three specific ways to attack their market.

Here Is What Sets Them Apart From Businesses Who Complain

  1. They actively market ON THE WEB with rock
    solid SEO..
  2. They never ask their audience to switch media, (TV to Internet, Radio to Internet, Newspaper to Internet, … and so on. They market on the web, to people on the web, and get them to respond through the web)).
  3. They put all of their presentations on the web so their audience members can watch them anytime they choose. This frees up their time.
  4. They have their marketing messages planted all over
    the web.
  5. They know where their audience is and act on converting them into sales.

What Is SEO? What The Heck Does It Do?
SEO, search engine optimization, covers the guts of your pages. This is how the search engines, (all 8 families) see your site. These are a special collection of tags, keywords and phrases that help keep your site together. Through this type of formatting your pages will be optimized for search engine visibility. Basically, you need it.

That is, if you ever want to be found on the search engines.

Stealing SEO keywords and phrases off a successful site is generally a very BAD idea. Although many Fortune 500 companies, (Tsk Tsk and you know who you are….) will often do this in hopes of getting really great search engine rankings.

This is a FANTASTIC WAY to get your company BANNED FOR LIFE on the search engines. This is also known as being Blacklisted.

The Other Alternative For Michigan Businesses
As a Michigan business you have another choice. Instead of hiring a certified SEO consultant to do your online marketing you can OPT to get a PPC campaign. This is really an expensive way to build up your credibility. Just a warning in advance you want to make sure you got really deep pockets.

Getting your pages to rank in PPC, pay per click management campaigns, can be a job in itself. You will pay top dollar to pay per click search campaigns to keep you in the top spots. But keep in mind the following:

  • You have to tell the campaign software when you want to run your campaign, (leave it on all the time and it will clean out your bank account!)
  • Your ads will pop up in the top spots that you designate – but ON ROTATION. This means your ad may not pop up when you want it to. It may be 40 ads down. Good luck trying to pop up in front of the right people.

When I meet with a lot of Michigan business owners they shy against it. Most of them want nothing to do with it. In fact, they always ask me if there is a way around it so they do not have to pay monthly, weekly, and daily fees.

I found that Michigan business owners really don’t have the pockets for really good pay per click campaign management. Now I cannot speak for all companies because not every one plays in the same niche markets. But for the Michigan companies I have spoken with this is the case.


As a SEO business consultant I hear the message loud and clear. That’s why my team went to work to create multiple systems to ensure that they pop up in their top niche categories. This is how you create success.

The beauty of working with organic SEO is that you do not have to pay multiple times over. There are no typical fees associated with online marketing…..

  • Forget monthly PPC fees
  • Forget daily PPC budgets
  • No more PPC rotation ads
  • You can pop up in your top markets
    whenever you choose
  • These rankings I create for you will
    hold for months on end

We have created campaigns where the rankings hold for months. We have worked in just about every industry imaginable and have had this formula work in our favor.
These rankings not only stay in place but they never slip.

What EXACTLY Is PPC? Find out here....


See for yourself…
Here we are in action beating the pants off of pay per click management campaigns.... We beat 17 Million pages....

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