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A lot of YOU find this stuff confusing…. Me too !!
A lot of YOU find me confusing…. I agree !!

For years I’ve been telling Metro Detroit that I am an Ex-Art Director from Advertising and worked in Chicago and New York – big whoop… right?

And when I start talking about SEO, (search engine optimization) your eyes glaze over and you get this confused look on your face. But this is what you need to get your company in front of the search engines. You definitely need it in today’s economy…..


Yes, that is correct – I am giving away FREE SEO ENHANCED - FACEBOOK PAGES for your business. This will enable your company to get listed on Yahoo, Bing and Google…. This is what it takes to get customers calling you out of the blue and considering doing business with you. This is the difference between a successful business and a business that may be going OUT of business…


I’M SO CONFIDENT – that my websites can rank high on Google that I am doing the unthinkable and actually am giving them away at no charge to you whatsoever. In fact, I there is absolutely no commitment on your end  to buy….

The cool thing about it is that you will see how your company will appear at the top of the search engines for keyword phrases related to your business. When you see how this works you will want to appear in more cities and for more keyword phrases and then we can start working together.



SEO MICHIGAN, Ted Cantu, Search Engine Optimization, Chef Noodles BBQ, Metro Detroit marketing

We created a simple site for the BBQ legend of Wixom, MI – Chef Noodles – and before we knew it this thing was already popping up on Yahoo and Bing. The funny thing is we really haven’t even gotten started yet by doing our full optimization web building….  This site started out as a simple idea and then it went to a simple page build and then the final launch. This ranked in a matter of days…..

Here is the proof….

BBQ, Chef Noodles, Ted cantu seo, search engine optimization michigan

Case Study: Ronnies Jewelry and Diamonds – Waterford, Michigan

When it comes to engagement rings in Michigan you are talking about Ronnies Jewelry and Diamonds. You are talking about diamond engagement rings, bezel diamonds, blue diamonds, princess cut diamonds and engravings. We are popping up 8 spots on the same page for engagement rings. This is an actual screen shot of our Google results…..  It’s over the top right?

We are doing this for every ring category they carry. We are getting 8 results on the average for every single ring and diamond cut that Ronnie’s Jewelry carries… That is pretty  awesome right? Imagine if this was YOUR business….


Not every website is created equal. We have been building these type of websites with a chart topping consistency for a solid NINE years. That means that we have been putting business on top of Google, Yahoo and Bing in page 1 positions.  Our website construction has been second to none and our clients are getting on page 1 positions and then staying up on top to get even more clients, new customers and additional business. We custom build every website we do and make sure that has the right type of keyword placements built into each and every page.

This helps your website go to page 1 each and every time. We help with…

  • Industry related keyword  phrases
  • Help customers find your website online
  • Speak to Google, Bing and Yahoo for you…
  • Optimize your website pages so customers find you
  • Make sure your business pops up in your city
  • Create new business for you

"We'll Plug Your Site Into The Top 40% Of Web Searches"

We'll Also Steer Web Traffic To Your Site For Just Pennies A Click - On Demand....


We even make sure that your website is placed on the right type of web server. We take every precaution to ensure that your business will receive the proper attention.

Ready To Get Started?

CALL US -- 248-277-6141



Creating 30% Increase in Sales in the Dental Industry -- Right Now!

Getting High End Dental Service Clients With High Traffic Websites More Sign-Ups, Customers, and
Increasing Enrollments With Ease!

Check It Out - We Are Getting Ten Out Of Ten - Top Placements on Google !!

And We Have The Top Ten On The Second Page and Half of Page 3 and Page 4!!

Hydroponic Marketing - Ted Cantu - SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SECRETS REVEALED: Our Web Pages Are Getting Indexed and RANKED IN AS LITTLE AS 2 DAYS!

"Who Else Wants A Whopping 34% Increase In Sales, Customers and Returning Business Month After Month?"

We're Getting Companies Just Like Yours Noticed On CBS News Watch, USA Today, NBC, ABC, And Creating New Revenue Streams For Our Clients.... The Best Part Is That We're Getting Our Pages Ranked in Google, Yahoo and Bing in Just 2 Business Days.

We're in 60+ Industries, We Can Put Your Novi, Michigan
Company on Page 1 Too!!

Dramatically Increase Your Google Ranking - SEO Expert Michigan

Just Imagine How
Can Go...

From This: Zero Visibility Online
To This: Beating 8 Million Competitors
In As Little As 17 Minutes !

Dramatically Increase Search Engine Rankings on Google without PPC, SEO -- 1.888.305.2532

SEO New York City - Search Engine Optimization in Manhattan

"IN THE AGE OF FAILED DOT COMS - We Are Plugging Corporations On Top of The Search Engines, Stirring Up Business in New York City, Metro Detroit and Chicago - Week After Week!"

Here Is Our Latest Success

We Beat Out 27,000,000 Pages on Yahoo, Sitting in the Top # 3 Spot!

Ted Cantu beat Metro Times For Metro Detroit Rock Music - Exclusively

"We Beat Metro Times Weekly on METRO DETROIT ROCK MUSIC -
And Plugged In Our Events, Our Bands and Our Culture - on Page 1
Of GOOGLE!! And We Have Other Search Terms That Are Climbing To
The Top Of The Search Engines - !!"

"We'll Plug Your Site Into The Top 40% Of Web Searches"

We'll Also Steer Web Traffic To Your Site For Just Pennies A Click - On Demand....



When It Comes To Getting The Word Out You Need - A Press Guy, A Web Site Gurus,
An SEO Genius, Someone Who Can Write Salescopy That Sells -- and You Need To
Know How To Talk To The Search Engines -- We Can Do All That And A Whole Lot More...

These Guys ROCK -- We Went From Obscurity To
Page 1 In Just 2 Days...."

Ted Cantu - SEO Expert - Worked for Capital Records, Coca Cola, WWF, Citibank, Ernst and Young LLP, NBC, Oprah

Q: How Do You Pick The BEST SEO - MARKETER?
A: You Go With The Results -- End of Story.
(I've Been Doing This Longer Than Anyone Else -
Long Before It Became A Trend!)

Ted Cantu - COMES BACK - with page 1 in plumbing supplies

"If Your Business Is Not Getting Attention Or Sales
Then Its Time TO Call US --!!!"


"For Lansing Basement Waterproofing Its Stay Dry Waterproofing! - Check Out The New Informercial Clip With Zero Air Time Fees - No Radio Fees- !!! SENSATIONAL!!"

CALL ME DIRECT: 248.277.6141

Got a Question? Email Me
(Unless You Like Seeing 40 Year Old Teenagers Waste Your Money On Pizza,
Video Games and Beer -- You Need A Professional On Your Side For Crying Out Loud!)

Ted Cantu - SEO - Search Engine Optimization - Beats Kawasaki. Yamaha and Honda

"We Recently Pulled Down Our Puny Results For Kawasaki, Yamaha and Honda.... (A Mere 15 Million Results) Because Quite Frankly, WE'RE EMBARRASSED!! Recently We Actually Beat Close To 80 MILLION RESULTS !!!"

"Good Mercy - I Turned Things Around For Auto Dealerships, and Limo Companies.... And Put Them On Page 1 of Google -- In Record Time - Imagine What We Can Do For You!"

Look at The Works of an Internet Genius For Yourself....
Here We Have A Brand New Client - Doing Loan Modifications - in Michigan - We Worked Our Magic And In 4 Days We Created This !!!

Ted Cantu - Loan Modfication in Michigan  - Brand New Client - Already on Page 1 of Google

And What About Royal Oak? We Can't Leave Them Out Can We?

Loan Modification in Michigan - Ted Cantu SEO - Puts The Client On Page 1 of Google, EVERY TIME

You Got Heavy Merchandise? Diamonds? Jewelry? NO PROBLEM....

GIA Certified Diamonds - and Tag Heuer Watches  - Real Online Marketing Solutions That Pull The Sales

"Im The ONLY SEO GUY in Michigan With The Sense
and Brains, To Put My Search Engine Optimization To
The Test and Sell GIA Certified Diamonds.....

Ted Cantu sells TAG HEUER WATCHES in Michigan - and topples the search engines, google, yahoo and bing

Make No Mistake About It - Greis Jewelers and Cantu

OPI nail polish -  Ted Cantu SEO - search engine optimization

There On Page 1 For 5 Years and Counting !"


Detroit Party Bus - Ted Cantu - SEO - King of the Limousine Search Engine Optimization - SEO

"When It Comes To Putting This Limousine Company to Page 1,
I Said.. NO PROBLEM -- I Put This Detroit Party Bus Business on
Google, In About Two Days... Page 1!"

Ted Cantu is creating kick ass SEO, Google results and killer sales copy in Metro Detroit, Michigan


Many of you out there DO NOT HAVE A STORY to sell. You only have a phone number and hours of operation.....

Many of you HATE TO MARKET your services... and you know who you are...

..And we say THATS OKAY! We can actually take your marketing message and blast it out onto the search engines and make sure that you are NUMBER 1..

NO EXCEPTIONS --- It's a different type of SEO but there are ways to get your brand out there in front of the right people...

We understand that not everyone has a "story to sell" and we are OK with that....


WWW.HOTMETROFINDS.COM - Has 9,000+ Links in 9 months
Detroit Dentist - Robert Levine - Has 20,000+ Online Links
Ted Cantu - Created 87,000+ Viral Links To His Companies....

All Without PPC, (Pay Per Click) Google Ad Words Or
Sponsored Advertisements, Zero Yellow Pages, And
No Radio Spots or Television Commercials.....



"We Can Also Plant YOUR COMMERCIAL Into Any Market You Want - With 20% - 40% 1st Page Dominance on Google, Yahoo, or Bing!"

FromThe Desk Of: Ted Cantu

Chicago, IL

10:37 A.M.

Dear Struggling Business Owner,

My name is Ted Cantu. I've been showing retail businesses, restaurants, MEDICAL OFFICES, dental offices, service industry, and companies just like yours how to save MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from advertising on the radio - television and newspapers.

I show you how to market yourself on every corner of the web in record time. When I say fast - I mean lightning fast - our current record is getting new companies onto Google in just 17 minutes.

Let me ask you;  You want or need your web site to be visible on Google, MSN and Yahoobeating out your competition online and your response rates and sales  offers to get in front of the RIGHT people… and that’s exactly what I can do for you!

"Imagine Having Your Company Covering Every
Corner Of The Internet In Just A Few Days..."

"We'll Plug Your Site Into The Top 40% Of Web Searches"

We'll Also Steer Web Traffic To Your Site For Just Pennies A Click - On Demand....


"I create online selling environments using Web 2.0 services like YouTube.Com, Twitter, Facebook and more and combine them with devastating web sales copy that makes your competition tremble in the knees and bring you waves of swooning fans.

And we add in dynamic PR - the results are fantastic.
Its dead simple."

We Put Anna Russo - NLP - Success Strategies on
USA TODAY - in just 24 hours.... no kidding....
"What Can We Do For Your Company?"

Anna Russo NLP - Ted Cantu SEO Expert - PR Web 2.0 Get Into USA Today in 24 Hours

Other SEO Firms Scam Ya….
Here Are The Things You Need To Watch Out For....

  1. EXPOSED – Greedy Offshore Software Companies Don’t Know Squat About SEO
  2. Hiring an expensive programmer can cost you business and future revenue!
  3. Web designers SECRET PLOT to steal money out of your bottom line
  4. The REAL REASON why search engine firms deal with long contracts…
  5. Heartless Radio Stations Plan To ROB YOU BLIND
Press Agencies Are Desperately Trying To Hide

Ted Cantu Online Marketer - #1 on Google For Internet Marekting, SEO, Web PR, Web Video, and Corporate  Promotional Marketing
This Works In EVERY Industry, Our Clients Are On
#1 and #2 Google Rankings For Every Single Major
Keyword Related To Their Niche!

"Our Campaigns Are Designed To Help You Win - In ANY

Get the inside scoop on Cantu, marketing scam groups, and finding

CALL ME DIRECT: 248.277.6141

"I BEAT 15 MILLION RESULTS - Leaving Our Competitors In The Dust - Literally !!
I Do This For Diamond Companies and Jewelers - Coast to Coast..."

"... Finally - Your Business Can Compete Against The
- BIG DOGS - In Your Industry Without Forking Over Millions
Of Dollars!! BIG TIME ADVERTISING is a Myth Perpetuated
By Big Agencies Looking To Get Rich Off You!!"

** We literally turned our back on our beloved - MARKETING MASTERS - and
have developed our own success formulas.... in the last 18 months.

As a direct result - we have experienced TREMENDOUS RESULTS that are unequalled to
anything in the industry..... and these are all 100% organic results and do not rely on PPC,
| (pay per click) campaigns... they are run on mental ingenuity, creative firepower and we are

"Week After Week I Help Companies By Scrapping Their
PPC Budget - And Grabbing The Top Search Engine Spots
In Their Industry - Its Nothing Short of Revolutionary!"

cause we have been working SOLELY ON OUR OWN -- we simply
cannot give credit to any of our former marketing coaches

** Look, I’ve been doing this now for 15 years. I have served through 5 generations of Interactive communication
and have seen a lot of rotten stunts, tricks and flat out money wasting web companies that just want to suck you dry.

We know you just want to sell your stuff online or offline. You don’t need to know about the, “ins and outs” of the web. Thats why we took the headache out of the "technical talk" and just do the job for you.

Results will vary depending on what Industry you are in.

You will see results - no joke - in a few hours in most cases.

"We Beat 8.5 million results in just a few days !!
Leaving Our Competitors In The Dust... "

NOTE: We Are Seeing A Lot Of Companies and Former Colleagues Take Full Responsibility For Our Results AND Even Claming They Are REAL - CANTU SEO -- Which Is Ridiculous - We Currently Have Not Licensed Out
Our System And Formulas To The Public....


We Simply Cannot Allow Others To Take Credit For Our Hard Earned Results.
( Sorry Guys.

"Again..... We Come Through Once Again For GIA Certified Diamonds--!!!
We Excel In Luxury Markets, Luxury Real Estate, and High End Luxury Products -

WARNING: "The Material In Here Will Blow Your Socks Off! I Reveal What The Yellow Pages, Phone Companies, Radio and Television Stations Dont' Want You To Know... !! "

"We Create Mind Blowing Visuals Of You and Your Products
And Shoot Them Across The Web --and Create Links -
Increase Your Brand, Pour Leads Into Your Business, and

Ted Cantu is the King of Google - The Hardest Working Marketer In Detroit
"Here I AM With My Book - Thats Been Ripped Off By My Competitors -
Its Been Poorly Imitated And Copied, (Including My Legendary Wheel
of Fortune Illustration).


IN The Metro Detroit Area - These Are My Formulas AND THEY REALLY WORK!" (We Have Tesimonials To Prove It!)

  • Discover How Using Pay Per Click Can Actually Hurt You
  • 3 Simple Ways To Get a Serious Customer Following
  • Learn How One Press Release Can Generate 4,000 Leads
  • Discover How Using Craigslist Can Help You Boost Sales
  • Find Out How I Beat 8 Million of My Competitors
    Oh Crikey! Here I Am - Down With The Flu of All Things -- And Belting Out Super Sonic, Hard Hitting Truth..... (its still good info folks!)

    David Weber of Grey Wolf Innovations http://www.greywolfinnovations.com raves about SEO Expert Ted Cantu and his amazing Google Results “Holy Crap and *#@-Ing WOW!!  You’re
    sales copy just blew me away – You took
    my core message and really brought it all together in such a short time – I can’t
    thank you enough!”
    David Weber, Grey Wolf Innovations, South Lyon, Michigan
    Dr. Dhayni Gets Excited Being The Number One Dentist in Michigan Selilng Inivisalign at $20,000 With Ted Cantu's Expert SEO and Google Strategies “I'm So Happy With These Results - I Am Number One On Google - Page One - With No PPC Fees Every Month-Kids Are Finding Me On The Web and Spreading The News About My Practice....its Awesome.”
    Dr. Husain Dhayni, Warren Dentistry
    Warren, Michigan
    Anna Russo From Success Strategies NLP Is Excited That Ted Cantu Put Her In USA Today! “THIS IS AMAZING!
    Ted wrote my PR and in a Matter of Minutes We Were On Google! The Next Morning We Got Picked Up In USA Today! We Really Got Some Serious Exposure In Just 24 Hours!”
    Anna Russo, Success Strategies
    Troy, Michigan
    Attorney Joseph Dadich Gets On Page 1 of Google With Ted Cantu's Expert SEO Strategies “CANTU IS THE ORACLE OF THE WEB!
    He took my sites and got them to page 1 of Google. The really exciting thing was the commercials we made on the Internet -- they are viral web commercials so that means that many people can access them on iphones, pocket PC's and the Internet.... thanks Ted!”
    Attorney Joseph Dadich
    Dadich And Associates, Dadich Law
    Brian Teets Is Number 1 on Google For Fences in Michigan - Ted Cantu SEO Expert Put Him There SENT ON IPHONE

    "What Ever You Did Is Working -- I Am Slammed.... Will Be Back In August To Plan Our Next Move... I AM EXCITED!! ”
    Brian Teets
    Veterans Fence, Michigan
    Jerry Norton Is On Page 1 of Google With the Help of SEO Expert Ted Cantu "I'm Really Excited To See Where My Company Is Going On The Web Thanks To Ted Cantu -- I'm Also Going to Retain Him As My Personal Coach Because He Is Always Ahead Of The Curve on Internet Marketing!! ”
    Jerry Norton
    Equity Services LLC, Michigan
    Johnny Jarufe holds  8 out of 10 Spots on Every Category of His Website on Google Thanks to SEO Expert Ted Cantu "Amazing - Phenomenal - Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! You Put Us All Over The Web.... Thats Amazing..... ”
    Johnny Jarufe
    Rosagraf.Com, Stamford, CT
    Windsor Beauty Supply Gets On Page 1 of Google In Every Single Category - thanks to SEO Expert Ted Cantu

    "When it Comes To ANYTHING On The Web - I Leave It To Ted -- He Gets Our Name Out There On The Internet --- And He's Fast.”
    Farmington Hills, Michigan

    Angela Williams Raves About Green Technology Franchises and Ted Cantu and Google "Go To Google and Type In - GREEN TECHNOLOGY FRANCHISES - We are still on page 1 of Google - TNT, (Ted and Tracey) Are On It - These Two People Are Powerhouses On The World Wide Web!”
    Detroit, Michigan

    "Doctors, Medical Practices and Dentists See The Light - I Have Put These Michigan Doctors On Page 1 of Google -With NO YELLOW PAGES, NO PAY PER CLICK and

"A Lot of Marketers These Days Blow Smoke About Social Marketing - But That Is Taking Baby Steps - We Want To Show You How To Dominate The Search Engines - Hands Down - This is Volatile Stuff For Your Competition!"

CALL ME DIRECT: 248.277.6141
CALL ME TOLL FREE: 1.888.305.2532

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Imagine getting an idea for a product or service…  You look on the
Internet for the RIGHT web marketing service to help you PROMOTE your it. You don’t exactly have a million dollars so you feel limited.

But you DO NOT NEED A MILLION BUCKS to get your
commercials seen by CASH-IN-HAND buyers…..

We can take your marketing message and transform it into an"Internet-Ready"web video or podcast and then shoot it all across the web in record time – saving you money, time and frustration. What could be easier?

"We'll Plug Your Site Into The Top 40% Of Web Searches"

We'll Also Steer Web Traffic To Your Site For Just Pennies A Click - On Demand....

FACT: YouTube.Com has 100 million viewers a day



Here Is Some Work We Did For A Hotel in Tallahassee, Florida.... Would
You Believe It Is Still On Page 1 of GOOGLE? And It's Been Years Since We
Touched It -- We Optimized It That Good!

Tallahassee Hotel - Gov Inn - and Ted Cantu, Michigan SEO
Ted Cantu 1200% Response and online customer direct response
We Put The www.GovInn.Com on Page 1 3 Years Ago - Its True... And They Are STILL NUMBER ONE
  • Beating out 1.3 Million Results
  • Rankings Have Held For Years !!
  • We Never Touch This Site....
  • Automated Marketing - Its Crazy!!
  • They pop up 2 times on Page 1 - and we do this month aftter month, year after year without spending a dime on PPC, sponsored links or Google Adwords.. its downright scandalous.

"What Recession? Look What SEO Search Engine Optimization Marketing Did For Dr. Dhayni's Dental Practice in Warren, Michigan!
He is Known As - THE GO TO GUY - For Adult Braces and Invisalign"

Dr. Dhayni Michigan Invisalign Dentist

"MICHIGAN FENCE - Grabbing the Number 1 Spot

Michigan Search Engine Optimization for Michigan based businesses - service industry, fence companies, home services, home improvement businesses



* Say Goodbye to Yellow Page Ads!
* Say Good Riddance to Direct Mail!
* No More Expensive Radio Spots!
* Forget Outrageous Television Spending!

Killer Sales Copy - Part of Successful Video Series Where We Got
Thousands of Views, and Thousands of Dollars as Well -- By Showing
Businesses - (Just Like Yours) How to Fine Craft Sales Offers....

"People Know Cantu and Co. Coast To Coast -
Check Out Our Media in 2010!"

UPDATE: Psst..... We have QUIT ALL
of our coaching groups and business groups including the Dan Kennedy GKIC - No BS Michigan... We have been busy in the last year cultivating our own online research and our own top ranking search engine results!

Our Competitors Are Just Learning How To Do Squeeze Pages,
Twitter and Facebook.... We Left That Stadium A Long Time Ago.
We Are Creating Our Own Homeruns....

You Won't Find This Stuff In Books....

Tony Rubleski and Ted Cantu

Thanks to online Internet marketing, SEO, Web 2.0, viral web YouTube.com video you can connect to top people in your field in record time. Here I am with famous marketing sensation – Tony Rubleski.

Thanks to Web 2.0 marketing you are one click away from your ideal clients, customers, colleagues and important companies in your field. Amazing!

Ted Cantu author of the 30 DAY TOTAL BUSINESS MAKEOVER
Hajj Fleming and Ted Cantu Talk about SEO, Web 2.0 and Google
We get you into the GOOGLE Top 10 - Not Only Once But MULTIPLE TIMES -- And We Do This Without The Use of PPC, (Pay Per Click)
"New Development Strategies
Dramatically Boost Web Sites
Into High Google Search
Engine Rankings"
Ted Cantu - SEO Google Expert - Corporate Trainer, Speaker, Author, Writer, Coach

"Three Deadly Mistakes 93% of
All Website Owners Make."

See how we are getting top ten results on Google for Michigan based businesses....

Michigan says NO to PPC

Chaz Palminteri - A Bronx Tale - Ted Cantu - and Google "You Need To Take A Close Look At What Your Company Is Doing On The Web - Instead of Pretending That Everything Is Going Great -- A Lot Of Business Owners Don't Pay Close Enough Attention --"

Ted Cantu, Interview 2010

"$150,000 in Sales In Just 45 Days. Michigan Real
Estate Developer Jerry Norton See's The Light !"

"WATCH As I Level Peoples Perception of SEO - Search
Engine Optimization - Sales Copy - Social Marketing ...
& Finally I Set The Record Straight!"


"Fellow Ex-GKIC Kennedy Member - Pete Swartz
Rants And Raves About His Sky Rocketing 1st Page Google
Rankings and Working With Ted Cantu !!"

"Brian Teets From Veterans Fence Pulled 14,000 Views
Off Of His Viral Video Clips He Shot With Us AND Grabbed
Page 1 on Google for - MICHIGAN FENCE - keyphase !!"

"When Multi Million Dollar Condos Stopped Selling In Windsor
Canada, (Thats Another Country By The Way!) - Portofino Real Estate Turned to Ted Cantu and REAL SEO Strategies That Work !!"

"At The End Of The Day - Its Your Business - You Can Either Run It Like An Expensive Hobby - Or You Can Grab Some Serious Market Share - Its Totally Your Choice -- The Only Thing Stopping You.... is YOU"

CALL ME DIRECT: 248.277.6141
CALL ME TOLL FREE: 1.888.305.2532

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"We'll Plug Your Site Into The Top 40% Of Web Searches"

We'll Also Steer Web Traffic To Your Site For Just Pennies A Click - On Demand....


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"p.s. - We're Rebuilding America...
We Can Plant You In Any Market, Any Industry, Any Country --
No Matter Where You Live!"

(There's No Market I Can't Beat.)

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